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We provide clients across industries with our consultancy services within the application and regulation of drone technology. We assist clients with business cases,  risk assessments, drone fleet implementation, obtaining special permissions and provide access to dedicated test center facilities.


By obtaining all necessary permissions from stakeholders for your flight, we enable drone operators and organizations to take on projects that normally is impossible due to legislation or safety issues. Having worked with special permissions for drone flight for years our team is experienced with obtaining the permissions you need in order to take on a difficult project in a safe and legal way.


Our team of consulting engineers conduct thorough drone risk assessment for clients in need of identifying and analyzing potential issues that could negatively impact their business or operations. Having worked with drone risk analysis for years our team is experienced in providing  quantitative risk assessments and qualitative counter-measures enabling our clients avoid or mitigate the identified risks related to drone technology.


For organizations seeking to clarify how to leverage from drone technology we provide decision makers and stakeholders with an extensive business case based on their strategic needs and opportunities. Our team provides extensive subject matter expertise and consultancy services within areas such as fleet acquisition and maintenance, data software management, standard operating procedures, legal/regulatory services and flight training and risk assessments.


We assist organizations seeking to implement drone technology as an in-house capacity, which for clients with a frequent need of drone services often is a better solution than outsourcing. Emphasizing discretion we often work under strict confidentiality agreements when we provide our end-to-end implementation and consultancy service to clients across industries.


For organizations in need for a trusted advisor and drone operator during their research or field tests of e.g. sensors or applications for drones, we provide a test center facility fully equipped with drone platforms, flight planning cell, subject matter experts and drone operators. Enabling our clients to conduct extensive tests we assist from test planning to final delivery of test results. 

Emphasizing discretion we often work with strict confidentiality agreements.